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B.Tech Ed-IT

Purpose and Aim of Bachelor of Technical Education (B. Tech. Ed.) Program

The purpose of the Bachelor of Technical Education (B. Tech. Ed.) is to prepare individuals for careers in the private and public sector at the level of instructor, teacher, trainer, or professionals in technical and vocational education subject areas.
The following are the aims of the program:

  1. Demonstrate Level 6 competencies envisaged by the National Vocational Qualification Framework (NVQF) of Nepal,

  2. Exhibit comprehensive, meaningful, and coherent knowledge and skills in any of the specific fields in technical-vocational occupational specialization e.g., civil, mechanical, computer, agriculture, etc,

  3. Apply occupational specialization knowledge and skills in solving problems occurred in their contexts of work,

  4. Apply vocational pedagogical knowledge and skills in any of the specific fields in technical and vocational instruction,

  5. Show scholarly literacy, communication, quantitative reasoning, critical thinking, learning skills needed for advanced learning,

  6. Exemplify a deep and principled understanding of the technical and vocational learning processes and the role of the instructors in facilitating these processes in the students,

  7. Show a sound understanding of how educational processes relate to larger historical, social, cultural, and political processes,

  8. Apply a wide range of teaching process skills including curriculum development, lesson planning, materials development, assessment, and pedagogical approaches, and

  9. Reflect on the relationship between teaching and learning, content and pedagogy, work and learning, thereby embracing lifelong learning in their roles as the technical and vocational instructors

The Program has been divided into eight semesters. The total credit hours of the Program are 136. At the end of each semester, there will be a semester assessment. However, according to Kathmandu University rule, the total duration to complete the Program must not exceed seven years.

Normally, graduates of the B Tech Ed Program are eligible for master-level studies (equivalent to Level 7) in technical and vocational education, teacher education, general management, technology management, educational leadership, TVET management, rural technology, to name but a few.

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