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Message from Dean (Education) KU

It is my immense pleasure to share the happiness with you and your team that we will launch BTech Ed in IT in your institution for the first time in Nepal. Kathmandu University School of Education (KUSOED) was established with the vision of preparing competent education leaders and improving the education quality in the country in 1997. The school currently serves PGDE, M.Ed., MPhil and PhD students each year. There are presently four departments within KUSOED: Department of Educational Leadership, Department of Language Education, Department of Development Studies, and Department of STEAM Education. The Bachelor of Technical Education program is housed in the Department of STEAM Education.

Bachelor of Technical Education in Information Technology (B Tech Ed (IT)) addresses the need for the Nepal government’s ambitious plan of including 70% components of technical and vocational education in the school curriculum. The shortage of skilled teachers who can teach technical and vocational subjects at the CTEVT-run Technical Schools is another gap that this program aspires to address. To empower communities beyond Dhulikhel, B Tech Ed in IT was launched from Janakpurdham in partnership with Janaki College of Professional Studies.  We hope that this program serves the interests and needs of the students wishing to develop IT skills and become the torchbearer of KUSOED’s mission of improving the educational process and system by promoting community-driven educational programs.

We are happy that the program is launched from the historic city of Janakpurdham, where the spiritual and philosophical school of Advaita Vedanta flourished with the culture of utter respect of guru and Gyan. Our B Tech Ed (IT) program aims to revive this as per the need of our time as we strive to produce respectable IT teachers who can create more ‘gurus’ (passionate learners) with time-tested Gyan (knowledge, skills and attitude).

            Given the context of Nepal’s federal system, Province 2 needs special attention to revive its historical legacy of knowledge and wisdom. Our mission of launching B Tech Ed (IT) is to address the Provincial needs of IT professionals and educators who can help uplift technical and vocational education in the most populous and diverse province of Nepal. While launching this program from Province 2, we envision Province 2 as IT Guru for Nepal and beyond.

            Finally, I hope that the joint effort of Kathmandu University School of Education and Janaki College of Professional Studies will change the pedagogical landscape in teacher education in general and IT education in particular. Of particular, our focus on twenty-first-century skills, apprenticeship model of learning, authentic assessment and well-coordinated placement will enhance the partnership-based programs in higher education.



Professor Bal Chandra Luitel, PhD


School of Education

Kathmandu University.