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Message from Vice-Chancellor (KU)

Grounded in its vision for quality education for leadership and being equally mindful of rapidly changing socio-economic global scenarios, Kathmandu University has been proactive in harnessing the new programs under different Schools and their concerning departments. We are cautious that the programs we introduce adequately address the educational demands of the present time and space. The post COVID paradigm shift also justifies the need for such changes.

Arriving at this stage, we have realized that Nepal needs a large number of human resources in the field of technical and vocational education. However, there are insufficient human resources related to TVET. Most of the technical school's instructors are hired on a temporary and contract basis. Also, those employed are not adequately trained in pedagogical and curriculum issues. Thus, it is essential that Universities in Nepal have to think about producing sufficient TVET instructors at the same speed the Nepal government increases the number of technical schools.

Considering this, Kathmandu University has currently developed a B Tech Ed (IT) program to produce competent and specialized teachers in technical and vocational education and training in Nepal. The program is envisaged to be a pioneer Bachelor program and is being implemented by Janaki College of Professional Studies, Janakpurdham. This program reflects our continuous commitment to community empowerment and social justice through education. I am particularly optimistic that the promising program will gain the ownership of larger communities.



Professor Bhola Thapa, PhD


Kathmandu University